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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:49 am 
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http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/ktm ... ca-series/


KTM Announces RC 390 Racebike

Murrieta, CA – KTM Motorsports is excited to announce important details about the race competition KTM RC 390 Cup Racebike that will be available for purchase for participants of the 2015 RC Cup Series, a five-round series in conjunction with the 2015 MotoAmerica Racing Series.

The highly-anticipated RC Cup Series will allow riders between the ages of 14-22 years old holding an AMA Superstock Limited license to participate. All riders must race aboard 2015 KTM RC 390 Cup Racebikes. These motorcycles are designed as racing competition bikes (not street-legal) and have been prepared by KTM with over 40 PowerParts and other enhancements to increase racing performance. Some of the new features include:

-Fully adjustable WP Racing Fork
-Fully adjustable WP Racing Rear Shock with high/low speed compression and rebound damping, adjustable preload and adjustable shock length
-Titanium Akrapovic Exhaust
-Racing Windshield, Tail Fairing and Belly Pan
-RC8 R-style Throttle Assembly
-CNC-machined Racing Foldable Levers
-CNC-machined Racing Rear Sets
Each RC Cup Racebike has been dyno-tested and tuned to 38 hp. To maintain competitive parity, the engine is sealed and may only be serviced by KTM’s trackside partner HMC Racing. Modified street-legal RC 390’s will not qualify for participation in the MotoAmerica KTM RC Cup Series but will be allowed in regional racing.

KTM’s partnership with HMC Racing will add a benefit to all riders during the racing weekend, as HMC will provide the following services to race participants:

-KTM HMC semi-truck will be present at each event to provide a relaxing hospitality area for participants
-The KTM HMC technicians will provide technical assistance and have parts available for purchase if needed as part of the trackside service program
-KTM HMC technicians will provide a motorcycle safety check on motorcycles prior to the race and will help MotoAmerica regulate the validity of all race units to maintain motorcycle parity throughout the race series
-Professional KTM HMC SuperBike racer, Chris Fillmore, will attend each event and offer guidance to each young participant
KTM will offer a contingency platform for the top five in each race, with the following payout structure:

1st - $500.00

2nd - $400.00

3rd - $300.00

4th - $200.00

5th - $100.00

The RC Cup Racebike will be priced at $9,999 (USD) MSRP and bikes will be available in limited quantities for pre-order from January 19th to February 15th and will be delivered to dealers in mid-April. To request a KTM RC Cup Racebike, a rider will need to visit a participating KTM dealership, provide a refundable $1,000 deposit and provide a copy of their AMA Road Racing Superstock Limited license or license application. RC Cup Racebikes will be available on a first come, first serve basis with limited availability.

For more detail on the license eligibility, please visit: http://americanmotorcyclist.com/Racing/ ... cense.aspx.

So what are your thoughts on this? Ive heard a lot of people saying that the $10k price tag is ridiculous, which I would agree with UNLESS you were riding in the RC Cup and could take advantage of the track side support. For someone like me who is too old to race in the RC Cup (and lacks the skills, anyway, more than likely) and would be just buying it to ride ULGT with MCRA, $10k is definitely too high of a price tag.


PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 5:00 pm 
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Definitely makes you wish you were young again, doesn't it?!? :roll:

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 5:55 pm 
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even if you had 10k they won't sell you one without the proper credentials

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:00 pm 
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Thanks green_bread, I've been waiting for that info, we really want to try to get Setin in on this, looks like he needs a CCS to apply for the AMA Superstock Limited license and $1000 down, (right?) what KTM dealer in the area best supports MCRA racing for this sort of thing?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 8:20 pm 
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You need more than a CCS license to get the AMA license.

And Moto Europa, Big St chuck, Surdyke


PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:12 pm 
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Thanks on the dealer info, thats what i was wanting, but I dunno, most of the rules i've seen are to keep sandbaggers out, am I missing something here?

Rule 6 & 7 from this rulebook : Download link http://americanmotorcyclist.com/Libraries/Racing_Documents/2015_AMA-FIMNA_MotoAmerica_License_Eligibility_Final_1_9_15.sflb.ashx?download=true

is what I'm askin' about

----- from the book -------

-------6. Superstock Limited Licenses---------------

a. Eligible for the KTM RC Cup class only.

b. An AMA/FIMNA Superstock Limited License is issued to eligible riders who have reached the minimum age of 14 years and a maximum age
of 22 years, on the date of the first race day of the season.

c. All new applicants must provide a copy of their current license issued by a recognized road race organization, and show demonstrated
race experience.

d. Riders who have won a national KTM RC Cup champoinship, and attained the age of 16, have only (2) additional years of eligibility.
Riders who have won two (2) national KTM RC Cup champoinships and have attained the age of 16 are no longer eligibile to participate in the KTM
RC Cup class.

e. Riders finishing in the top 15 final points positions in a prior AMA Pro Road Racing season in any class or in Red Bull Rookies Cup
competition may not be eligible for participation in the KTM RC Cup class.

f. Riders who have held an AMA Pro Daytona Sportbike License or Superbike license may not posses a Superstock Limited license.

g. Riders who have earned 300 advancement points in KTM RC Cup competition may not be eligible for a Superstock Limited license the year
following the accrual 300 points.

h. AMA/FIMNA or present license holders who request reclassification should contact AMA/FIMNA. Individual circumstances may be reviewed
and considered in the case of such requests.

i. Provided that all other applicable criteria have been met, AMA MotoAmerica riders who have held an AMA/FIMNA Superstock license for
one full year and earned 50 advancement points in KTM RC Cup competition may apply for an AMA/FIMNA Superstock 600 license.

j. Superstock Limited licensed riders may not compete in AMA MotoAmerica Suprbike, Superstock 1000, Supersport or Superstock 600

---------------7. Recognized Road Race Organizations-----------------

a. The following road race organizations are recognized by the AMA/FIMNA:
American Federation of Motorcyclists, (AFM)
AMA Sports, Arroyo Seco Motorcyclist Association (ASMA)
Championship Cup Series (CCS)
Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association (CMRA)
Central Roadracing Association Inc. (CRA)
Loudon Road Racing Series (LRRS)
Motorcycle Riders Association (MRA)
Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association (OMRRA)
Team Pro-Motion GP Moto Elite
Sandia Motorcycle Roadracing Inc. (SMRI)
Utah Sportbike Association (USBA)
Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association (CVMA)
WERA Motorcycle Roadracing (WERA)
Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (WMRRA)
MotoWest Grand Prix (MWGP)

b. Beginning in 2016, recognition will be based on AMA/FIMNA affiliation.


thanks in advance for helping me get a grip on this!

PostPosted: Thu May 07, 2015 9:35 am 
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Just a heads up for anyone interested...

It seems anyone can buy the KTM Cup bikes if they're in-stock, regardless of racer status. I still think it makes more sense to buy a street bike and set it up but I remember there was some people interested in the Cup bikes.

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